What makes Res Fortes Wine Elegant and Unique?

What makes Res Fortes Wine Elegant and Unique?

Elegant Wines: From Grape To Glass

Our wine starts from the earth - we nurture our organically grown grapes through the winemaking process with Moritz overseeing every step of the way!

Here are a few ways we make sure the finished wine is elegant and fresh.

Fresh Fruit Flavour

Picking the grapes early holds the fresh fruit characteristics (we are not searching for dark fruit, full bodied, over ripe wines). We believe by picking earlier we keep the characteristics of the vineyard .


The earlier you pick, the more acidic the grapes are. We aim for balance to keep the citrusy acidic flavours in the white and rosé wines. The acidity in the red wines helps create age-ability.

Texture & Flavour

For the reds, we can change the texture by changing the amount of time that the wine or juice touches the skins of the grapes. This extraction changes the colour and flavour of the wines'.

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