How do I know if my bottle of wine is corked?

How do I know if my bottle of wine is corked?

The taste test is perfectly acceptable

Have you ever had a waiter/ sommelier bring your wine out to taste before pouring for the table? This can sometimes seem formal or awkward while they wait for you to taste and approve the wine while everyone watches on.

The reason for the initial tasting is to ensure that the wine is not "corked" aka tarnished with a fungus which can grow in the cork, causing a musty bad smell, like that of wet cardboard.

Drinking wet cardboard is not glamorous, nor something that we want you to be subjected to - so we have all of our corks screened for the fungus which causes cork taint. This technology is helping eliminate wasted wine due to cork taint.

Res Fortes uses a technology in our corks which eliminates the risk of a corked wine.

Because you deserve to drink good wine, every time!

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