Does barrel aged wine really make a difference?

Does barrel aged wine really make a difference?

Barrel Aged Wines

French/ American/ New/ Aged.... What to know about Res Fortes barrel ageing in a nutshell

There are many different styles and approaches to take with ageing wine. One way to develop wine profile, flavour and style is by barrel ageing. Winemakers can age completely or partially and then even blend the wines to create the desired outcome for the final (bottled) product.

Here at Res Fortes, Moritz prefers to use 4 year old puncheon (500l) or standard Bordeaux (225l) barrels. Older barrels are less intense oak flavours - this keeps the flavours of the grapes and representation of the vineyards unmasked

Plus, isn't there something romantic about a barrel room, and tasting the wines straight out of the oak?

Have you ever tasted wines directly from the barrel? What did you think?!

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